Sunday, January 31st, 2016

9/11/12 Revisited

The subjects of my November 1, 2012 Everyday Heroes blog post were Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, two of the heroes of the terrorist attack against the United States' embassy annex and CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya. I wrote about those two courageous men because they died in that attack while risking their lives to protect employees of the U.S. government, including Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and Foreign Service information

Management Officer, Sean Smith, who also died that day. 

If you’ve been following my blog for these past several months, you know what I write about and why. For those of you who are new to this blog site, I will briefly mention that Everyday Heroes is all about those who inspire the rest of us through selfless, courageous actions. I use the term Everyday Heroes because I have always believed that every person has the potential to be a hero under the right circumstances. Many of my monthly blogs have been about Everyday people who stepped up and did the right thing.

Almost three-and-a-half years have gone by since that fateful day in Benghazi. We have been bombarded with rhetoric about what happened or didn't happen on 9/11/12, mostly from politicians with an ax to grind.

A lot more information has come out about what happened that day and one thing is very important to note: in addition to Doherty and Woods, there were incredible acts of courage performed by many people. Many were wounded, some horribly. Dozens of people were at risk of losing their lives. Yet, against overwhelming odds, many stepped up that day and etched their names in the annals of history.

Their actions while under fire to rescue others were astounding. They could have delayed taking action, but didn’t. They could have made excuses to not take action, but didn’t. Even when they were ordered to “stand down,” they didn’t. They stepped up and did the right and courageous thing to save the lives of others.

I recommend to every one of my readers that you read the book 13 Hours. I also recommend the movie by the same name. You can't read the book or view the movie without marveling at the stupendous courage displayed by Everyday Heroes who put other lives ahead of their own. You might or might not question the decisions, actions, or lack of action of political and military leaders during the Benghazi battle. You might wonder if the full story will ever be told.

There is no question that a dearth of leadership was apparent that day. But you can't possibly question the warrior hearts and souls of those men or their selfless commitment to save others.

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