Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Danielle Kelly

Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly became engaged in September 2014. No big deal, right? Just another young man and woman from Cedar Falls, Iowa who dated for nine years and finally decided to tie the knot.But, you see, there is something that is a very big deal about this. In 2012, Taylor became only the fifth U.S. military member to survive injuries that left him a quadruple amputee.Back home, Danielle was a girl who wrote her boyfriend letters, worried about him serving in Afghanistan, and waited for his return so that they could begin a normal life. Danielle had cause to worry, and the injuries Taylor suffered would leave him with nothing that even approached a normal life.

Standing beside a man who had such grievous injuries would have been difficult for any woman. Even a wife would have found the prospect of life with a quadruple amputee challenging, to say the least. But a wife makes a vow to love, honor, and cherish, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Girl friends don't make that promise. At least, not in any sort of formal ceremony.But Danielle Kelly must have made that vow in her heart. This pretty girl must have had many other prospects, none of which would have entailed taking on the responsibilities associated with life with a badly injured man. Her commitment to Taylor is the stuff of which great love stories are made. Her love for him is a story for the ages. And her story is one about a great deal more than love. It is a tale grounded in principle, commitment, courage, and character.Danielle Kelly is an Everyday Hero.

Like so many other men and women who have watched their lovers depart for conflicts in foreign lands, praying that he or she will return, hopefully whole, she was there for Taylor. And she still is.Please watch the photos in the following link. They will demonstrate just how huge a love affair Danielle and Taylor have, and much more articulately than I have done here.